Your goal is to write a research paper that discusses a significant topic of con

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Your goal is to write a research paper that discusses a significant topic of concern in your discipline. Your paper will focus on argument and evidence, as well as use the appropriate disciplinary style you have studied. You will use the manual devised for Assignment #3 as the basis for yuor stylistic and rhetorical decisions—the advice you gave to future students of the discipline should be applied to your own work. You should use at least 5 credible, respected (probably peer reviewed) sources from within your discipline’s published writing.
Explanatory Memo
Your paper will include a one-page memo that describes your rhetorical context—discipline, chosen topic and line of inquiry, genre, audience and purpose—and explains your application of the style manual. Reflect and comment on how applicable the style manual was—did it work completely, or were there flaws? If there were flaws, what revisions might you make? The memo will be the first page of your Essay #4 document. This assignment will be submitted as a single document including memo, paper, works cited or reference page, and appendixes if any. This counts toward your overall page requirement.
Consider the following questions:
What genres are typical in your discipline and which is appropriate for exploring your topic and inquiry?
What are the conventions of your discipline in the genre you’ve chosen? Are there certain sections or categories of information/research expected? Will the format influence or determine your content and research?
What research is required for you to achieve your purpose and fulfill the disciplinary conventions? Would primary research such as a survey or interview with an expert enhance your project, or even be an expected part of this disciplinary genre? If so, start planning and conduct this research early in the process.
What tone, persona, language and style are appropriate?
Now that you have a sense of the genre, conventions, and style that are appropriate for your paper, continue to pursue and focus your research. Answer your research questions to develop your inquiry and fill in gaps in your information or argument. This process will further your knowledge of the topic so that you can present a logical and credible document. Keep good records of the citations and where (which source) you found each idea or piece of information.
What do you have to add to the disciplinary conversation on this topic?
What stylistic choices should you make in order to adhere to your discipline manual?
Are these choices largely in terms of audience, word choice, tone, persona and voice, or larger matters of structure, format, and genre? Or both?
How might you frame or shape your paper to engage and persuade the audience described in your discipline manual, or in your memo for this paper?
Does your original argument still convince you, or does your thesis itself need revision?
Does your research inquiry hold up or do you need to revise and refocus your questions?
What approach to discussion is necessary to make your paper successful according to your discipline manual?
Clear, well organized and logical writing is essential to any disciplinary or professional writing. Plan the order and structure of your paper according to logic and your discipline’s conventions, but you do not have to draft the sections in the order they will finally appear. After you have written your material, arranged it in a logical order, and given it a clear structure, review and revise your draft until the paragraphs and sentences clearly communicate your findings and argument. Refer to the principles of making good rhetorical choices in WCS.
Use your discipline’s conventional documentation style (e.g., MLA; APA; Chicago) consistently to attribute information and expression of ideas to your sources. Include a reference or works cited page in the proper format for your disciplinary style. (Look it up.)
Draft Due Date: 4/29
Peer Review Due Date: 5/2
Due date: 5/13
Minimum page length: 6-8 pages
Sources: Minimum of 5 credible sources.

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