Write a 1 – 3-page paper (typed, double spaced) where you will discuss your unde

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Write a 1 – 3-page paper (typed, double spaced) where you will discuss your understanding of the
factors contributing to colorism in this country as compared to the factors that determine th existence of
colorism in other countries. I am particularly interested in your making the following distinction when
exploring global comparisons in colorism:
• What racial/ethnic groups of people are affected by colorism in the U.S.? Across the globe?
• What is your understanding of what is the cause of colorism in the United States?
• Is the impact/effect of colorism in the United States the same, or different from the effects of
colorism seen across the globe?
• Are there any conclusions to be made in how the United States deals with issues of skin color
differences compared to other countries? What are these conclusions? (Country of comparison: South Africa)
• In your opinion, what are some of the psychological effects of colorism among African
Americans in the United States?
• Aside from psychological injury, what are some other ways that colorism negatively impacts
the experience of Black and Brown individuals?
• What, if anything, can be done to address or eliminate colorism? Explain.
Possible Resources that you may use, but are not limited to, include the following:
All Around the World: Colorism in Other Cultures

Shades of Skin: exploring the complex history of colorism around the world


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