There are 4 ‘reader responses’ you must complete that are listed below. These mu

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There are 4 ‘reader responses’ you must complete that are listed below. These must be 500 words long each. Here is the textbook needed to complete these responses:
Lay each of these reader responses in a text document. Provide a space between each one. No need for essay formatting.
Reader Response 1: Varley, “Air Raid” (Wesleyan 525). The use of prosthetics is widespread
in the future era of Varley’s story, which also emphasizes that one of
Mandy’s friends, Dave, can easily be fitted up to double for Diana, a
female flight-attendant. For Varley, evidently, a person’s
spirit/character/essence is not dictated by the anatomical details of
his/her body. Debilitated and slowly deteriorating Mandy says scornfully
of the healthy but unfit twentieth-century passengers, “Muscles like
horses, all of them, but they can hardly run up a flight of stairs”
(533). Despite her multiple disabilities, Mandy is clearly this story’s
hero. In what traits does Varley suggest that her heroism lies? What
details of Mandy’s behavior on this mission belie her tough-talking
persona? Finally, if the captured twentieth-century passengers and crew
are to survive as far-future colonists, what traits does Varley suggest
that they will need?
Reader Response 2: Kessel, “Invaders” (Wesleyan 654). At the end of the story, the
author/narrator fulfills one of the most powerful fantasies of science
fiction, that is, he goes back into the tragic past and he changes it.
What is the effect of presenting the story’s “happy ending” in the
conventional words of the fairy-tale?
Reader Response 3: Russ, “When It Changed” (Wesleyan 507): How are the returning men described? How does
the narrator succeed in “defamiliarizing” them, in making the reader
view them as repulsive “aliens”?
Reader Response 4: Leslie F. Stone’s “The Conquest of Gola” (Wesleyan 96) is about, among other things,
“the battle of the sexes.” How does the narrator contrast the women of
Gola and the
men of Detaxal?

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