The topic: quality assurance in distance education we have to : 01. Conduct

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The topic: quality assurance in distance education
we have to :
Conduct a well-focused literature review without excluding crucial
Read the sources carefully and take notes regarding the important
points. Do not start writing without reading all the references.
Before you start writing, plan tentative outlines, flow of information,
and the contents that will put under each heading/subheading.
Write an abstract of nearly 200 words and place it right after the
Have 3-4 keywords under the abstract. Each keyword should reflect nodes
of the issue and have a meaning on itself.
In the introductory or beginning part of the report describe what the
topic is, how it is related to current issues, and in what respects it is
considered important.
Explain conceptual aspects or theoretical framework of the issue. While
doing this, indicate similarities and differences in various viewpoints.
Analyze practical aspects of the selected issue. Try to find answers to
such questions as what kinds of applications were developed, what elements
included in common applications, what kinds of results were obtained from
practices, and which components need to be improved?
Review the empirical studies from the points of their methodologies and
results. Evaluate them based on the problems investigated, methodologies
employed, results obtained and future research recommended.
Identify major problems or challenges around the selected issue. Discuss
what may be done to overcome these difficulties.
Decribe the situation in Turkey regarding the issue that you selected.
Indicate at least how the discussions, practices, research, and suggestions may
be useful.

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