Psychology Today defines trauma as “an experience of severe psychological distre

Admin/ July 14, 2022/ Psychology

Psychology Today defines trauma as “an experience of severe psychological distress that follows any terrible or life-threatening event and results in the development of emotional disturbances (like anxiety, anger, sadness, survivor’s guilt, or PTSD). Traumatic situations occur nearly daily in today’s society and is considered by the National Institutes of Health to be a “global issue.” Such perspectives highlight the tremendous need for trauma-informed care.
In a 1000-word minimum research paper, describe a recent event or even a general issue that has traumatic impact (i.e., recent plane crashes, border policing, stillbirth of a child or the sudden death of a loved one, terrorism, cyber-bulling, chronic illness, etc.). Give thought to the impact of that event on two distinctly different cultures (i.e., men vs. women; millennials vs. earlier generations; hetero vs non-binary people, pilots vs. passengers, doctors vs. patients, etc.). How might trauma symptoms present differently for the subsets of the culture that you indicate? Using resources about trauma and mood disorders as well as outside resources, identify the ways in which trauma-informed care might be distinctly applied. What treatment types might be engaged to lessen the traumatic impact? Would those interventions be the same or different for both cultures? Be sure to include your reference materials using APA format.

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