PP TOPIC: Based on the readings presented in this course and a review of the lit

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PP TOPIC: Based on the readings presented in this course and a review of the literature, create a presentation to support you position on the following topic: Should healthcare be viewed as a right, a commodity (a privilege), or some combination of these in the USA?
Instructions and Rubric:
1. This is an individual assignment consisting of a 10-15 minute Power Point presentation with voice-over.
2. State your position on this topic.
3. Provide appropriate, sound, and thorough evidence to support your view. Include what is our current status on this in the USA, and what you feel it should be.
4. Provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these possibilities including the issue of cost (as a right, a commodity, and combination of both of these).
5. Conclude with recommendations on how the view chosen can be promoted along with a summary.
6. The presentation is limited to ten slides total, to include a title slide and a references slide.
7. At least ten references should be identified in the presentation.
8. Use proper grammar/spelling/and APA format guidelines as applicable. Include an introduction and Conclusions or Recommendations section for your presentations.

Health Costs

U.S. versus European healthcare costs: the data
Grading Criteria:
Section Possible Points
Healthcare is stated to be a right, commodity, or combination of both 10
Evidence is appropriate, sound, and thorough to support this view 25
Advantages/disadvantages for each of three possibilities are presented, including cost 25
Recommendations and Summary 10
References (at least ten are provided) 20
APA format/grammar/spelling/presentation does not exceed ten slides-15 minutes 10
Total Points 100

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