Please make corrections to the areas that have been marked out. The last few par

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Please make corrections to the areas that have been marked out. The last few paragraphs are not marked, but please help me to correct them as well. Please follow the directions below.
Context and Audience
___Does the essay have a specific, engaging title that helps reader anticipate
___Does the essay have an interesting, well-developed main idea specific to your
___Does the essay have a clear purpose in relation to the target audience, and
anticipate audience needs and concerns, providing appropriate content to
accomplish its purpose?
___Does the essay build the reader’s interest in your problem/controversy/issue,
demonstrating the topic’s significance, its relevance to the reader, our culture, and
perhaps to you, using Swalesian rhetorical moves and some rhetorical modes?
___Do you come across, as the author of the essay, as knowledgeable and well-
informed on the issue?
___Does the rhetorical analysis effectively analyze the target audience in relation
to the purpose, providing a clear and persuasive rationale for your content
decisions (what you focused on and why)?
Assignment Specifications: Use of Evidence and Organization
___Does the essay give the reader a detailed sense of the topic/experience,
developing claims with appropriate, detailed evidence, and interpretation of that
evidence, which always serves a clear purpose (and avoiding unsupported claims)?
___Does the essay use accessible terms, avoiding jargon, and effectively define
___Does the essay draw appropriately on three secondary sources, including 2
peer review articles, not relying on one source too much or on the abstracts of
sources, but on the body of each article, and hyperlinking these sources within the
text as well as on the Works Cited page?
___Is the essay organized effectively to accomplish its purpose in relation to
audience, with focused paragraphs that clearly connect to the essay’s main idea, effective
topic sentences, and idea-based transitions, allowing the reader to anticipate the
content of each paragraph?
___Does the essay use 2 credited images or data visualizations that help advance
the essay’s purpose?
___Are the sentences clear, vivid and concise, avoiding problems like wordiness,
misused words, and vague, confusing or obscure language?
___Is the content correct, without mistakes in proper names, formatting, etc.?
___Is the assignment well-edited, and free of grammatical errors?
___Is the assignment carefully proofread, and free of typos?
___Does the assignment meet and not exceed the word count?

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