Kindly Read ALL attachments carefully An individual essay based upon the analysi

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Kindly Read ALL attachments carefully
An individual essay based upon the analysis of a managing people issue in the student’s own organization.
The essay should be 1500 words (+/- 10%).
The managing people issue for the essay may be a problem that has occurred and that needs a solution or an
area of good practice that you think might still be improved and/or that you would recommend to other
organisations/colleagues. In your essay, you will need to cover your analysis of the following questions:
The university has developed Performance Appraisal system but it needs to be improved.
• What is the work-based managing people issue?
• What are your solutions/recommendations in relation to this issue? Why?
• What are the implications of your solutions/recommendations for HR practice?
The evaluation of assessments will be based upon the following criteria:
1. Clear communication of issues and the use of sound underpinning knowledge and evidence for any
2. Evidence of, knowledge and understanding of concepts, theories, techniques, processes and terminologies
discussed during the course.
3. Evidence of the ability to apply your knowledge and understanding in completing the individual
4. The use of well-structured and supported arguments.
5. The thoroughness of the analysis.
6. The proficiency with which triangulation between different approaches and theories is used as part of the
evaluation and discussion.
7. Critical reflection of relevant literature

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