I attach these three articles and an example below for your references, and I al

Admin/ July 14, 2022/ American Literature

I attach these three articles and an example below for your references, and I also attahed my literature review with some comments inside.
-Use formal language and avoid contractions
-Remove extra spacing between paragraphs
-Reevaluate some of your language and make it less opinion-based
-Review your paper for grammar and spelling
-Try to limit passive voice
-Review your in-text citations and make sure that the spacing follows the necessary formatting
-Try to integrate the themes and findings from your articles a bit more, rather than citing a different article for each different topic, which makes the paper a bit too much like a summary.
-The third to last section is not really a summary
-Your reflection and conclusion should be differentiated from each other a bit more. Additionally, the reflection should come very last before the references, and it can include first person and opinion.
**At the end of the literature review, you will also need to write a two-paragraph summary of what you have learned about the topic from the three articles. This includes critique and reflection about the “story,” not the individual articles.**
Avoid long quotes in your review, and paraphrase whenever possible.
Maximum quotes = 2 short quotes (less than 40 words each).
Do not quote/cite secondary sources in the readings
Correct APA formatting is also required – double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, APA in-text citations and a reference page. Run spelling and grammar checks and double-check your APA formatting. Be sure to CITE your sources throughout the review.

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