Hello, I have an essay to write on the books ”The end of the affair” and ”th

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I have an essay to write on the books ”The end of the affair” and ”the line of beauty”. In order to do the essay, you need to have read the books, because you also need to write a lot of quotes during the essay.
The research question is: Compare and contrast the novels’ representation of female characters. Are they more virtuous than men?
It is necessary to create a thesis statement. I already have an idea of the direction but if you have a better idea, let me know beforehand if you want to change the point of view. I didn’t write the thesis statement yet, and I would love it if it would be possible for you to send it to me before you start writing the essay.
The idea I had in mind for the essay was -> (and you can probably find a thesis statement whiting these words ?)
Although the female characters feel like they are making moral choices, the actual consequences of their actions are not necessarily the best. Many of the men are flawed characters, and while this may make the women appear to be the lesser of two evils, the women are not better than them. In the end of an affair, Bendrix sleeps with a married woman and although Sara ends the relationship, her reasons for doing so are not morally sound. She stops sleeping with him because she made a deal with God and believes that she saved his life and if she is with him, she will kill him, so there is an ulterior motive. In the line of beauty, the female characters are no less flawed than the male characters, such as Cat, who decided to expose everyone, whether it is her father and his cheating or Nick for being gay, which was risky given the time period, especially for the topic of homosexuality because there was a sort of witch hunt. They’re realistic characters, and they’ll never be perfect, so defending perfection makes little sense.
Attached, I put an essay that was considered failed (BF )and one that was considered successful (fanny) by the teacher in question, so that you can have the structure that you need to follow. There is also a file, with quotations that might help write the essay, as the citing quotes is very important.
Please, ask if any questions.
The structure would be, 1-page introduction, 2.5 pages for each , book, focusing on if women are morally better, and taking quotations from the books and finally 1 page for the conclusion. More examples for women, but some examples for men, might be relevant as well.
Thank you !!!

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