Hi, please review my essay and make changes in it. It’s a cultural analysis essa

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Hi, please review my essay and make changes in it. It’s a cultural analysis essay (1250 words).
Essay Prompt:
You have been provided with news accounts of the United States’ women’s soccer team as it advanced to the 2019 World Cup Championship. To what extent does the coverage provided focus on the team members’ personalities and physical appearance, as opposed to their athletic achievements? Use your findings as the basis of an essay in which you argue whether the claims Burton Nelson makes in her 1998 essay remain valid today.
Thesis Statement Format:
Even though [counterargument], [argument] because 1, 2, and 3 [where 1, 2, and 3 are specific examples from the news coverage].
The essay should contain:
An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement formatted using the formula above;
Three body paragraphs that address the supporting details with specific evidence from class materials (Burton Nelson, Das, SI Staff, Smith, USSoccer.com, Lewis, Lenthang, Media Coverage and Female Athletes). Use the MEAL Plan (EACH BODY PARAGRAPH MUST CONTAIN TWO, CORRECTLY-CITED QUOTES, SUMMARIES, OR PARAPHRASES).
Use the news coverage as examples (1), and use Burton Nelson and Media Coverage and Female Athletes (2) to support your analysis of the news coverage).
An example would be to include a quote, summary, or paraphrase from the news coverage to support the paragraph’s main idea, and then explain it briefly while then introducing a quote, summary, or paraphrase from Burton Nelson or the documentary to support your analysis of the news coverage, and then further explain the relevance of the resource to your main idea.
A conclusion paragraph that summarizes the thesis statement and mentions the supporting details, along with a call to action that wraps up the main theme of the essay.
Please use 9th edition MLA formatting to cite your sources both in-text and in the works cited list. I’m attaching a file, where are sources. ALSO, I’M attaching my essay. Please make it better, so I can get highscorre. Thank you.

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