choose one from the following prompts and write about 900 words about it. Below

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choose one from the following prompts and write about 900 words about it. Below is the essay questions. I attached a pdf saying how to get an A for this paper rubric please check before writing the essay. Also attached is the pdf of the textbook that might help
with the essay
1. Recently, in a draft decision (leaked), a majority of Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court suggested they would strike down Roe v. Wade (1973). What model of judicial decision-making would best explain such a decision? Why aren’t the other models good for explaining this behavior?
2. Think back to our readings on the “Powell Amendments.” Each was a so-called “killer” amendment, the effect of which is to split a majority party that otherwise would favor the piece of legislation. Under what broader social conditions are we likely to see killer amendments in Congress? Be sure to draw on material from the second half of the course (e.g, on political participation and/or social movements), integrating material from the first half as needed to support your claim. Do not rely primarily (if at all) on outside sources.
3. Drutman (2016) argued that we are in the midst of a “realignment” ( In his words, “the Democrats will become the party of urban cosmopolitan business liberalism, and the Republicans will become the party of suburban and rural nationalist populism.” Do you agree? Be sure to define “realignment” in terms that are precise and faithful to our usage (e.g., using materials in the realignment module). Then give evidence that lets us say whether the said definition has been met.

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