Write a rough draft for this outline 1. Care of the Soul in the Time of Covid-19

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Write a rough draft for this outline
1. Care of the Soul in the Time of Covid-19 by Ronald W. Pies MD
https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/care-soul-time-covid-19 (Links to an external site.)
2. Modern Medicine and the Healing Process by David H. Rosen MD
http://jungpage.org/learn/articles/analytical-psychology/101-modern-medicine-and-the-healing-process (Links to an external site.)
Outline: papper1
Thesis statement: Essentially, the population affected by a pandemic like Covid-19 requires a unique healing process that integrates medications and therapy to facilitate better caring for the physical body and the soul.
I. Introduction
A. Focusing on caring for the soul is pivotal in resolving the grief and other challenges created by Covid-19.
1. Without healing the mind, soul, and spirit, patients who contracted Covid-19 take longer to handle the mental health issues like panic and mood problems (Pies para.5).
2. Essentially, care for the soul involves a holistic approach that considers cultural aspects.
3. Historically, every pandemic affects mental health, and the healing process should prioritize the interests of the soul through spirituality and other social aspects.
B. Arguably, the human soul is affected by impotence, loneliness, grief, displacement and
C. Understanding the impact of Covid-19 and its impact on mental health helps honor
The role of therapy and healing the issue.
D. Sickness and suffering paralysis the working of the mind, resulting in harm to the
body, mind, spirit, and the soul.
II. Main Body Paragraphs
A. Despite the importance of medicine in supporting the healing process, professionals should consider the role of the healing bond and the demands of the soul.
1. Pleasing the soul should be a priority during healing.
2. Forming appropriate relationships is vital between patients and physicians to support the healing process.
3. The science of medicine should be empowered by a message of faith, compassion, and hope.
B. Physician serves a crucial role in the healing process.
1. Every physician should show respect to the client.
2. Value of self-care should be a priority to physicians.
3. Extensive medical education is necessary for physicians to enlighten them on
the effective healing process.
4. Comfort offered by physicians attracts joy during the healing process.
5. Also, research is required to guide physicians in improving the practices that
guide the healing.
C. The art of healing requires including spiritual components (Rosen para.4).
1. The spiritual aspects include the evidence of empathy, hope, compassion, and faith.
2. Without a human bond between an individual and the physician, the healing process experiences defects.
3. Embracing demands of patients like understanding their attitudes and promising them quality satisfies their soul and improves the nature of healing.
D. Lack of compassion threatens the healing of the soul.
1. Healing should be approached as a product of a good relationship.
2. In the era of Covid-19, individuals weakened relationships and were negatively
3. Suffering in mental health undermines the wellness of the soul and spirit.
III. Counterargument
A. Some researchers argue the need to focus on scientific medications and disregard the role of soul healing.
1. Lack of involving the desires of the soul weakens the outcomes of the healing process.
2. In resolving the controversy in the healing process, emphasis is on undergoing an appropriate therapy that heals the soul and also recommends medications.
IV. Conclusion
A. The healing process is diverse and requires the integration of medications and therapy.
B. Adopting different approaches to healing guarantees the well-being of the soul and the physical body.
C. Studies by Pies and Rosen affirms the need for integrating holistic principles to ensure medications and therapy realize wholeness in the healing process.
D. During the Covid-19 era, individuals were terrified by mental issues like grief, impotence, and many others.

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