What I need is a simple response to a discussion post that is below. I will als

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What I need is a simple response to a discussion post that is below. I will also include the original post instructions for reference.
Please respond to the following:
One thing I learned from this interactive video is how common it is for others to cut corners, risk patient safety, or jeopardize the integrity of the study. I always thought that ethics in research were pretty clear cut; there are protocols and consent forms and ensuring participant. understanding of the study that are all designed to provide participant safety and make sure the study is conducted as reliably as possible. To bypass any of these mechanisms not only ruins the study but can put the participants at risk for harm. It is important for staff to prioritized participant safety over research study results. No one’s safety should be comprised for research, there are ways to improve and revise the research study to obtain data and maintain patient’s safety. One challenge that might arise in ensuring that research is conducted in an ethical manner is making sure everyone on board the research team has a strong moral character and does not cut corners. Developing regularly planned meetings to assess progress, address any questions, and handle any discrepancies will minimize the likelihood of things going awry during the study.
The following are the original post instructions.
Instructions for the discussion post.
1. Watch the interactive video on ethical research from the nurse’s perspective. (Please see video link below).
2. Conducting research with strong ethical principles is a critical component of being an effective nurse
3. What did you learn from participating in the interactive lessons on ethical principles in research?
4. Are ethics in research clear cut, or do you think there are some gray areas? Explain your answer.
5. How will you ensure that your research is conducted in an ethical manner? What potential challenges might you face?
The Research Clinic Simulation
Open the website https://ori.hhs.gov/research-clinic (Links to an external site.) and click on “Play Full Video.”

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