This is a critical thinking paper of at least four full pages (double spaced, 12

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This is a critical thinking paper of at least four full pages (double spaced, 12-point font, with normal margins). Using formal analysis, you will be asked to analyze a film of your choice. The paper should talk about all of the elements that make up a film. What I don’t want is a paragraph on editing and a paragraph on acting and a paragraph on cinematography. It should be one full paper that integrates all the different elements of the filmmaking process and weaves them together, just like an actual film does. You should also include a brief summary of the plot (no more than a few sentences). You can isolate a particular scene or broaden your perspective to encompass the film as a whole. Strengthen your analysis by avoiding general observations about the aesthetics and dig deeper using concepts covered in class. You should be using quotes/citations to back up your points, so be sure to cite them properly and include a works cited/bibliography. The paper must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, June 1st.
I understand that not all of you are filmmakers or film scholars, so I usually don’t take away points for small errors about the filmmaking process or using an incorrect term*. What I’m looking for is the sense that you’ve put real time, care, effort, and a lot of thought into your writing and that the final product is well written, free of grammatical and spelling errors. It’s easy to tell when someone is just going through the motions and when someone actually cares about their subject, so be sure to pick a film that you not only enjoy but can do a deep dive into.
*Please don’t use the term cinematography as an all-encompassing term for the filmmaking process. It’s one part of the process.

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