These assignments are intended to draw on your ability to research, analyze and

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These assignments are intended to draw on your ability to research, analyze and critically examine a contemporary topic, including the research that has been conducted on the topic. You must not simply describe someone else’s work (opinions or research) but use it to present a position you have on the topic and critically analyze an opposing (alternate) position.
The sections below are the areas you will be graded on and must appear in your paper with proper section headings. You are also graded on the overall influence of your argument and finally, the paper format which includes proper citations and references.
Introduce the topic overall AND identify it as a contemporary issue (think of the history/background, recent events, stats, whatever you choose to include).
The introduction must also identify and briefly describe your position on the topic (ex. for or against or alternatively, your perceptions of a topic if there is no clear opposite positions). The introduction must also identify and describe the alternative (opposing) position you will discuss.
In this section you are arguing that the topic is a contemporary issue and your view helps argue why it is.
You should make the argument for your position (what you believe/think) on the topic. You will want to state your position/views. Identify THE one or two BEST strengths of your position and discuss why they strengthen your position. You want to communicate that you understand your position and that it is supported by evidence (cited) that are facts by relying on research/data that is available. The evidence you provide helps communicate that you can support your position/belief through reason and logic instead of relying solely on explaining you hold your position because of familial views, peer pressure, social ideology or some other error in reasoning.
Alternate Position:
In this section, you should identify an argument against your position. What is another position essentially on your topic?
Identify THE strongest alternative position in contrast to your own and present it. Provide a brief overview of the position and support that position also with evidence (research/data) that has been conducted. Identify one or two strengths of this position and discuss why they strengthen the position. This section should be written similar to your Position section with the only difference being that it presents an alternative viewpoint.
The final section should summarize your entire paper and conclude your position.
Also describe why arguments against your position do or do not influence your position (does it make you change perspectives or at least better understand the alternative perspective/argument?).

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