The final paper should be a product of compiling and adjusting the completed sec

Admin/ July 12, 2022/ Criminology

The final paper should be a product of compiling and adjusting the completed sections (more often than not, when you write a later section, you will think of things to change in earlier sections) and add a discussion section (three pages), an abstract (200-250 words), a completed list of references, and any appendices. In summary, the final paper should consist of the following sections:
–A title page (with title, your name, student number, course title, course number, and professor’s name)
–An abstract of 200-250 words
–20 pages of text (including introduction, method, results, and discussion and conclusions)
–Tables and figures (if any) should be imbedded in the text
–A list of references
–Appendices (if any, such as interview protocol, category definitions)
Hi so i uploaded three parts of my research paper i sort of completed , The introduction section , method and result section. can you please make all these part relate to each other. I have been lost since the beginningand tried my best to do the paper but i can’t and I am just trying to pass my class. I am still missing an abstract, the discussion and conclusion parts. In my result section i am missing table one and two if you can create some tables which relate to the information i provided i will leave an extra tip, max rating and a profound review of the amazing job you will do. So at the end i just want you to rewrite everything i provided to all relate to each other, created table for the missing result sections and add an abstract , discussion and conclusions) please let me know if i can provide anything else.

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