Students will choose from a range of provided hypothetical scenarios involving d

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Students will choose from a range of provided hypothetical scenarios involving different industry sectors/ data types/ analytical techniques and forms of malpractice and conduct a critical analysis of a case where there has been a significant breach of regulation or evidence of questionable ethical conduct.
The case study will include but not be limited to a discussion of:
the background and context of the issue,
the nature of non-compliance or malpractice expressed through the terms set out by an appropriate code of ethics or regulatory framework and
recommendations for either/and better practice for the organisation and the potential reform of data-related policy, regulation and law.
This assignment is intended for you to be able to analyse the ethical considerations that have arisen from the wide scale collection and processing of data from and about individuals and social groups as well as apply knowledge of ethics and regulation to understand the impact on organisations, individuals and society.
Write a 2000 word analysis/response on the hypothetical scenario that you have chosen for this assignment. This should be backed up by evidence you can find in real-world cases, with a mixture of academic and professional documented sources.
What ethical problems beyond privacy can you foresee emerging from covid-19 related datafication projects?
Article source links:

Covid-19: Identifying and managing ethical issues around data

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