Please Respond to two classmates with a meaningful and thoughtful response post

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Please Respond to two classmates with a meaningful and thoughtful response
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Hello, my name is Ali and I am majoring in Management Information Systems at Chico State. I currently live in Yuba City. In the little time I get from the busy schedule, I like to go to the gym and workout. It makes me feel relaxed and helps me focus better on my studies. I plan to go everyday but sometimes the workload is too high, so I must miss it every now and then. Although, I do not play any sports, I like to watch them. I enjoy watching UFC and boxing fights. I do not follow every game for football, but I do watch major games. Normally, I start watching in the playoffs since it becomes more and more competitive during that period. One thing that I am excited about for this summer class is that this is the last general education course I need to take to meet the Chico State graduation requirements. I am hoping to get a good grade to keep my GPA in a good shape. Taking this class over the summer will ensure that I will graduate on time. I am excited for the challenge of having a quick moving course. One thing that makes me nervous about the course is how fast it moves. It feels like missing one day of work can put you behind so, I must stay on top of the assignments to make sure that I get everything done on time. As much as I want to finish school as soon as possible, I normally try to avoid summer or winter courses because the possibility of messing up the GPA is high. With it being an online class, it is hard to figure out what the professor or students can do to make the class safer to talk about sociology. One thing to keep in mind is that we should be respectful to each other, and we should acknowledge that there are differences between people of different backgrounds, but one thing that we should all have is to be compassionate toward one another. It is important to view things from lens of other students and understand the points they are making. One thing that I normally do is to not be judgmental about anything, but instead try to understand everything thoroughly. Since we are not meeting in person for this course, our communication is mainly through the discussions, so what we say should be carefully thought out in order to make sure that we do not offend anyone unintentionally.
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Hello, my name is Celestial . I currently am living in Fresno; however, I was born in Wisconsin and have had my sense of self develop through several states in the West (in other words, my childhood through early adulthood has been spent in several areas). So, I am unsure as to where the person who I am now truly comes from. On another note, my current hobbies include writing fantasy and science fiction stories and posting poetry for free online. I also will do weird things for this writing hobby, such as play an open-world fantasy game to get a visual sense of traveling around in such a setting in order to better write that experience in the characters. As a side note, I also help to care for a large backyard chicken flock.
As for one thing I’m excited about, I’m looking forward to learning about the topics of module 15, which is about women in STEM and environmental activism. My dad’s very scientifically oriented due to his education and career and both my parents adopted parts of the environmentalism culture during my early childhood, so I’ve always had an interest in STEM and in environmental activism due to my family life. Although, I will admit that I’m nervous about the compact summer schedule even though I willingly signed up for it.
What I am really hoping to learn more about is objective 5 on the syllabus, which talks about the intersection of gender, race, and class and their interactions with work and family. While I have a little knowledge about this area, I really look forward to going more in-depth with this in class. As for a topic that I’m hoping to cover but am doubtful that it would be since it is smaller in focus, I am interested in careers related to women writers and how that interacts with family life; so, it would be great to cover this particular area.
One rule that I would suggest implementing is that the use of all-caps for words or sentences should be avoided even if it is a direct quote from a source. Capitalizing every word in a sentence can create a tense vibe or convey the impression of yelling; so, in order to create a more comfortable environment, it probably should be avoided.

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