Milestone 1: Company (50 points) Due 6/5 11:59 PM For milestone 1, choose a publ

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Milestone 1: Company (50 points)
Due 6/5 11:59 PM
For milestone 1, choose a public company of your choice and answer the following discussion prompts.
Company Name (10 pts)
Company Vision/Mission (Some companies have both, others have only one or the other) (10 pts)
Company History (Do not write in bullet points. Make sure to paraphrase from sources) (10 pts)
Explanation of company’s business/products from the most recent annual report (10 pts)
Please submit 10-K report (10 pts)
Submission must be in Microsoft Word format.
Excluding the questions/prompts, the write-up should be above 400 words.
Make sure to connect your response to the learnings of the week.
Make sure to cite all source materials. You must ensure the link is accessible (not broken, not behind a paywall).
Use the numbers to answer the questions, but leave out the questions.
Do not plagiarize. All sentences should be paraphrased (except for the vision/mission). Only use quotes if absolutely necessary.
SafeAssign scores will be available after submission. Please make sure to check the assignment if the SafeAssign score is above 25%. Any assignment above 25% will be checked.
You have a total of five attempts available to submit the assignment. The last submission will be graded.
Grading Rubric
Linkages made between example and this week’s learning.
Deductions from assigned points to each question
File format: Microsoft Word
Incorrect file format: -5 points
Meeting the word limit.
350-399 words: -5 points
250-349 words: -10 points
200-249 words: -20 points
Less than 200 words: -30 points
Source material link(s).
Not included: -5 points
Late assignments.
Deductions will be made according to how late the assignment is.
Plagiarism will result in zero points.

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