Instructions from Prof: You will write a researched document analysis essay of 1

Admin/ July 12, 2022/ American History

Instructions from Prof: You will write a researched document analysis essay of 1500 words (or 6 pages) in length on the specific document mentioned below (please see 3 images attached comprising of 1 document).
You must also use a minimum of 3 secondary sources to help you contextualize and analyze your document(s). You should try to find ones that are as directly relevant to your document as possible.
Document analysis is a key skill in historical interpretation. It is not a mere summary or description of the contents of a document (defined broadly as any type of historical source, including written documents, paintings, photographs, sound recordings, films, etc.). Instead, it is an analysis of the motivation, intent, and purpose of a document within a specific historical context. The purpose of a document analysis paper is to allow students to learn, practice and display their skills in original historical interpretation.
A good document analysis paper will focus on both the text itself (with attention to the specifics and nuances of language and/or imagery used) and the context (the broader picture of the history of that period that informed the documents creation and reception). In analyzing your primary source, you should concentrate on discovering both the meaning and the significance the source as a piece of historical evidence. In analyzing the meaning, you are trying to understand what the intention of the document was and how it might have been understood by the historical actors in that era. An analysis of the significance focuses on the source’s importance or impact within its historical context, what it illustrates about the time in which it was produced, and how the evidence contributes to an interpretation of past.
Your essay must have a clear introduction that ends with your thesis, a well organized body, including logically placed supporting arguments/points and paragraphs with strong topic sentences, and a clear conclusion that briefly reviews the main arguments of the paper and restates the thesis.
Your essay will be judged on the clarity, logic, and/or strength of its argument, organization, content, and writing style.

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