In a 3-4 page, double spaced, typewritten document, please respond to the follow

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In a 3-4 page, double spaced, typewritten document, please respond to the following:
Begin your paper with why you wanted to become a nurse
Develop a narrative as to how your life moved along towards meeting that goal of
becoming a nurse. Include: any work experiences (volunteer work, hospital, MD office,
healthcare facility) that reinforced your desire to become a nurse and why. What
educational preparation has already taken place in your life prior to entering a formal
nursing program? Were there any particular people or nurses who influenced your
decision to become a nurse and what was the nature of that influence? What plans did
you make to become a nurse that either were delayed or actually occurred as planned?
What keeps you focused on completing the program especially when obstacles present
themselves? What has been the greatest sacrifice you have made to become a nurse?
In the time you have been involved in nursing activities, what has given you the greatest
satisfaction and why?
How has the current health care arena affected your feelings about being a nurse?
Look at the QCC statement of philosophy of nursing.
Write a statement of your philosophy of nursing that should include the four (4)
metaparadigms of: client, health, environment, and nursing. What are your beliefs
about the client? How do you define health? In your opinion, what makes up the
environment? How does nursing impact all of these?
NB. Philosophy of Nursing can be found in your STUDENT HANDBOOK located
under “Course Information.”
How is your philosophy the same as or different than the QCC philosophy of nursing?
What nursing theory/theorist has influenced your personal philosophy the most and why?
What will finally becoming a professional registered nurse mean to you?
Where do you see yourself five years after graduation?

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