Directions: Cultural competency is essential in today’s healthcare field. Divers

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Cultural competency is essential in today’s healthcare field. Diversity among healthcare professionals and patients is found within most all healthcare settings. It is important to create a diverse workplace environment to be effective in a healthcare setting.
Imagine you are a healthcare advocate working in a large medical facility. Part of your role is to encourage cultural competence and diversity among all healthcare professionals and staff. You have a meeting with the Human Resources team to discuss the lack of cultural diversity among employees. Your job is to assess the demographics of the organization and present your findings to the Human Resources team.
Your health organization, Rasmussen Health Clinic, is located in the city where you currently reside. You provide general medical care to the community. There are roughly 100 employees within the organization. Positions within the organization include all administration, physicians, healthcare professionals, and staff. The
demographics are as follows:
Demographic Percentage
Male – 51%
Female – 46%
Non-binary gender – 3%
White – 60%
Black – 12%
Hispanics – 18%
Asian – 6%
Age 18-24 – 20%
Age 25-34 – 11%
Age 35-44 – 46%
Age 45-64 – 23%
For your initial post, compare these demographics to the city in which you reside Chicago Illinois . Do the demographics of the clinic employees align with the demographics of the community? Evaluate any discrepancies. How do these discrepancies relate to the quality of healthcare?
For your reply post, respond to at least 2 other student’s initial discussion post. Discuss at least one policy or procedure that can be implemented to promote inclusivity and bridge any gaps that were identified in your classmate’s post. Also, identify and discuss any possible discriminatory practices that may have led to the lack of diversity in this workplace.

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