BA 462: Business Strategy Case Study Analysis #1 Instructions You have already

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BA 462: Business Strategy
Case Study Analysis #1 Instructions
You have already read two cases (Mayo and UPS) on environmental scanning and managerial
dysfunction as well as weekly readings on similar topics. This case study analysis is a written
report based on these readings and the course materials thus far this semester. Your analysis will
consist of no more than 1,250 words excluding the title, references and tables/charts. While this
technically means that you can have anything less than 1,250 words in your analysis, you should
have a problem getting the report to less than this amount and, therefore, you don’t want to have a
lot less than 1,250.
Winslow, R. (2017, June 2). Mayo Clinic’s unusual challenge: Overhaul a business that’s working. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from
Ziobro, P. (2018, June 15). UPS’s $20 billion problem: Operations stuck in the 20th century. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from
Directions for Grammar, Spelling and References
Format the paper as follows: 1.15 spacing, Times New Roman Font, Block Justification, 12 Font.
I expect that the paper will be written well, with proper grammar, and will flow logically.
You are not required to perform any outside research and, therefore, references will not be very
important. However, if you wish to reference something from the article, please do so by
referencing the page number (Example: UPS, page 2).
Use sections and sub-sections in your analysis. Remember that business writing is about being
concise. Don’t make the paper like a Q&A, however. It should be written in prose with clear
sections that guide the reader. Below are the sections that you should have. The questions are
meant as guides for you so that you know what you should be writing on in each section. You
should label each section as opposed to just having a Roman numeral like I have in the directions.
Avoid contractions, colloquialisms, and anthropomorphisms. Part of your responsibility is to listen
to the “Writing Tips” voice over Power Point, which will give you the directions that you need to
successfully complete this task.
Your grade for this assignment will be based on the following:
Logic and Flow 25%
Grammar 15%
Following Directions 10%
Content 50%
I. In this section, explain environmental scanning, how it is done well and poorly, and
what types of managerial dysfunctions there are. You may incorporate other
information from Lessons 1 and 2 from class. However, don’t reference our class. Just
present the topics in a logical fashion.
Make this section general (meaning not about the cases that you read). Imagine that
you are making a one to two paragraph statement about these topics to someone who
doesn’t know about them.
II. Evidence. Now that you have defined the issues in Section 1, tie in the evidence from
the two cases to the material. Remember that as you provide evidence to make sure
you tie it in properly. For example, if you discuss efficient environmental scanning in
Section I, then which case would give you the most to discuss? What specific actions
did that company take that adds credence to the fact that they efficiently scanned their
environment, etc.?
III. Conclusion. In this brief section, reiterate what you told the reader in the first two
sections. Don’t write it all out. Give a good summary of the ideas from Section I and
the evidence from Section II.
My guess is that Section I should be about 30% of the total analysis, Section II should be about
60% of the total analysis and Section III should be about 10% of the total analysis.

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