write a paper on Kluckhohn and Strodbeck Value Orientations Your role is to exam

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write a paper on Kluckhohn and Strodbeck Value Orientations
Your role is to examine in detail a component of cultural variability. This week, draft and provide your group members with a cultural variability concept document, a two page resource to aid the group in learning about and applying the concept. Keep your content focused and concise.
For this assignment, you are tasked will researching your cultural variability . The paper
produced should be an overview of the variability. For example, if you were assigned time orientations,
you would research Hall’s orientations toward time (monochronic and polychronic). The paper should
cover what the variability is, citing sources throughout for credibility, and provide example(s).
Using the same example of Hall’s time orientations, you would research this topic using “The Culture
Map,” the lectures, the library, and other credible sources (i.e., news cites, university publications, etc.).
The expectation is that you will cite both in text and at the end in a “references” section. The paper should
avoid using sources which are of little credibility (i.e., blogs, Wikipedia, etc.). If you are uncertain about a
source, please reach out.
Citing sources can be tedious at times and frustrating. However, giving credit where credit is due,
especially in an academic setting, is necessary. For this assignment, future assignments requiring
citations, and the final project, citations will be closely evaluated. It is a good academic skill to have for
this class, your other courses, and beyond.
In your discussion document, please follow these guidelines and provide:
I. An overview of the cultural variability assigned to you (i.e., time orientations, high vs. low
context, etc.)
II. An example or examples of your cultural variability. For example, if you are providing an
overview of time orientations, you should provide an example of a monochronic culture and
polychronic (what do these look like in action).
i. The paper should be in an appropriate font size (no larger than 12 pt font) and font. The
document may use double spacing and should be no less than two pages. Please be sure
the paper covers the necessary content. Could someone who is not in Intercultural
Communication understand this concept from your paper? That is the goal.
ii. Include at least three sources which provide evidence for your summary
iii. Cite sources appropriately throughout by way of in-text citations and a “reference”

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