Collect and skim read information about your topic. The tutorial given in the se

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Collect and skim read information about your topic. The tutorial given in the second week of the course with Margaret Paterson (the Health Sciences librarian), taught you how to collect this information, but if you need more advice, contact your lecturer, tutor, or Margaret Paterson.
Narrow down your report topic. For example, if you choose healthy sexuality, you might narrow the topic down to a specific problem (e.g. alcohol and sex) and a specific population (e.g. teenagers in New Zealand). If you choose oral health, you might narrow it down by focusing on a specific population, the lowest socio-economic decile, and narrow it down further by looking at a particular life stage, perhaps factors in early life that affect the likelihood of developing oral health problems. There are many different ways of narrowing down topics. Talk to you tutor if you are not sure how to narrow down your topic, or you would like to check that your choice is suitable.
Your report will include the following:
Contributing factors
Impacts on individual/families/society or one or some of these
Interventions at individual/family/societal levels or one or some of these
A discussion section that draws on the information in the earlier sections to argues for a particular thesis about the topic.
(Your thesis is the claim you are arguing in support of. For example, this article: argues that severe early childhood tooth decay can’t be solved by New Zealand’s dental care system and requires broader public policy changes – this is it’s thesis.)
You do not have to cover these key aspects of your report in this order, and you do not have to give them equal weight (or words). For instance, you might talk about the impacts of the health issue in your introduction to convey its importance, but in the body of the report focus more on the contributing factors and interventions. See what works for your topic.
Everybody should have an introduction, a conclusion and a reference list using APA format.

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