1.listen to the following Tedx presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oE

Admin/ July 11, 2022/ Ethics

1.listen to the following Tedx presentation.

Submit two questions with your answers surrounding important thoughts related to ethical dilemmas that are brought up in this video, for example, “should you be able to kick the robot?”
Keep your answers short – one page for the two questions and answers
2.Read the article:

Write a half page summary of the key points you learned in this PM ethical issues article.
3.Article: http://project-management.com/ethical-issues-related-to-project-management/
In a work situation, describe any conflict which you had to mediate or help resolve. How did you handle the situation then and how would you handle it differently now?
Use your values and one of the frameworks to reflect on why the situation happened the way it did.
Submit a half-page response to this question.

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